About Homes4Hope

About Homes4Hope

Together, let’s change the lives of vulnerable families living with a disability in the poorest countries of the world

Our Story

In March of 2012, Arlene and Chris Karram travelled to Durban, South Africa to build the first home for a pilot project between cbm and Habitat for Humanity. Upon returning to Canada they knew that they wanted to do something more for those living with a disability in extreme poverty around the world.

Their passion led to the inception of Homes4Hope Canada. The Homes4Hope leadership is comprised of the founding members and partners who have worked to develop a simple model to engage like-minded individuals to become deeply engaged and connected to supporting the partnership of NGO’s. Homes4Hope is committed to raising funds to help build homes for vulnerable families living with a disability in the poorest countries in the world. In addition to the home, essential services and care is directly provided to the vulnerable family member with a disability.

This has led to the funding of a cbm and Habitat initiative to build homes for families living with vulnerabilities. The money Homes4Hope raises is generously matched by cbm and Habitat for Humanity respectively to further the impacting reach of each donation. H4H believes that this is an example of how individuals can work together to make a positive impact in the lives of others by supporting the experts and as they partner to provide more holistic care to those in need.

Let’s change the lives of the most

vulnerable in Africa


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