Facing discrimination due to their sons’ disabilities, the Getahun family moved to Fitche. Their mother, Konjit, lives with her husband Getahun, and their three children aged 4 to 15. Kassahun, 4, is plagued by Cerebral Palsy that paralyzed one side of his body, and Bayush, 15, has mobility problems due to Polio.

They currently live in a rent house with no running water, poor communal kitchen and toilet.

Konjit said, “More than the sanitation issues of the rented house, what has always been worrying her is eviction from the rent house and the unlikelihood of finding another due to the dishonoring perception about disability of landlords,” She asks herself with sadness, “Are we moving back to the rural village?”

Amidst all the suffering, Konjit hopes that their new home will bring back their happiness lost long long ago due to inaccessibility, discrimination and housing poverty.