Abaye Teketel – Fitche, Ethiopia

Abaye Teketel

Abaye Teketel, 45, lived in old government house with his wife Tsega Debebe, 25 and four children. The rent was insignificant (in US cents per month) but the house was not suitable posing risk of health problem and safety to the family. There is no toilet and kitchen, and the house and the surrounding area is with poor sanitation, solid waste inundates the neighborhood.

One of the children lives with cerebral palsy (back deformity) and the other child has developmental delay. The couple are HIV/AIDS positive, they are under treatment with antiretroviral drugs. The family’s monthly income is less than 18 USD.

Abaye said that he is inspired to participation on the construction work at the project site. ’I am really happy to contribute to the construction work as to my capacity. I want to see the house to which my children move be completed soon.This is the least I can do for the project which is intended to change our living conditions, especially that of my children. I will try to work even outside my schedule, at any spare time as well.’’

‘Stressful life ends’

Abaye Teketel’s family moved into new home. Now we have our own home. It is good for children. It has clean rooms, toilets and free space for my family, my children. It creates bright future for my children,’ Abaye said.
Abaye’s income from daily labor is not sufficient even for the daily bread. He couldn’t have new home without support.‘’If Homes4Hope, Hope and Healing & Habitat didn’t help us, we would not have such wonderful home and our children would face challenges in the future,’ Abaye explained.

The new house is suitable for children, one of them is with cerebral palsy. Abaye said, ’It was difficult to raise children in rented home particularly where people don’t want to see children with disabilities. Thanks to Homes4Hope and all who make donations to assist us, the stressful life ends.’