The first quad-plex (home to four families) is over 80% complete and work has commenced. Quad-plex 2 & 3 are 60% complete while the foundation for Quad-plex 4 has been laid.

Work has also begun on the installation of a water line connecting the build site to the town’s main pipeline. This will provide clean drinking, cooking and cleaning water for residents of the 40 homes.


In addition, the local Fitche residents have contributed a whopping 647 hours in sweat equity. While working side-by-side, they are developing a sense of community & ownership in their new neighbourhood. As part of this program, beneficiaries must complete financial literacy, home management, and micro financing classes before they receive the keys to their new home as part of their commitment and accountability as a family.


More updates to follow as the team returns from its second trip to Ethiopia to build relationships and experience first-hand the building process.

Let’s change the lives of a family living with a disability in Africa, together

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