Shita Tesema – Fitche, Ethiopia

Shita Tesema

Shita Tesema,75, lived in dilapidated house without toilet, kitchen and electricity in outskirts of Fitche. The house is nearly collapse. During the rainy season, the house leaked and rain water poured into the walls and floor. She spent the day baking bread and mixing raw materials for people who brew local alcohol. She earned less than $20USD per month and had get help from neighbors for livelihood.
Asked about the opportunity to move to new home she said, “It is a big surprise for me to get such a chance. I don’t have words to express my thank to those assist me to start better life in new home.’’
She mentioned that working on project site makes her happy than any other moment in her life. ‘’I want to assist the people on the site every day but I have to work also for my livelihood. I don’t want to be away from the site even for couple of days,’’ she explained.
She added, “I am in the old age but when I work on the construction, I feel am going back to my younger ages. I really want to spend enough time working on our new homes with other family members.’’

‘My life is renewed’

Shita Tesema is still overwhelmed by the joy of moving to new home from collapsing old house. ‘’It is unbelievable for me. I didn’t expect I could get such wonder full house. I spent most of my life in an unsanitary house which always put my health at risk. Now we have clean rooms, toilet, kitchen and water point. It is new life for me; we (‘new home owners’) start to help each other in social life,’’ Shita said.
Shita baked traditional bread for other families in Fitche to get income which was not enough for her. She said that the new house creates opportunity to start income generating activities in the communal shade. ‘’I am thinking of rearing cows and chicken to sell milk and eggs,’’ she spoke.
Asked if she wants to mention something, she spoke loudly, ‘’Thanks to Homes4Hope, cbm and Habitat, thanks to those donors. I always pray for you!’’ Sheta added, ‘’My life is renewed.’’